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Myopia Management

There are now methods we use to eliminate or minimize the hyperopic defocus to help with myopia control in children.

Advanced Diagnostics

We want to hear about your eye problems and visual requirements. This process allows us to focus the examination to meet your specific needs.

Optical Services

Our on site service laboratory allows our office to make your new glasses quickly using the latest in manufacturing technology and the highest quality ophthalmic lenses.  

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We strive for excellence in eyecare. Every patient is treated with the highest level of care using state-of-the-art technology. Our team of doctors and assistants are ready to serve you and your family with all of your eyecare needs.


World Council of Optometry Announcement

“Myopia is increasing at an alarming rate, as are the risks for vision impairment associated with the condition. Significant research has identified a number of interventions to potentially control the progression of myopia."

The evidence-based standard of care (for myopia) as comprising of three main components:

  • Mitigation – educating parents and children during eye exams, on lifestyle, dietary, and other factors to prevent or delay the onset of myopia.

  • Measurement – measuring refractive error and axial length.

  • Management – providing evidence-based interventions with either contact lenses, spectacles, or medication to slow the progression of myopia.”


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