What are my child's options for myopia control and therapy?

For many years the cause of myopia has been a mystery to doctors and researchers.  However recent studies provide evidence that myopia increases when the peripheral retinal images are focused behind the retina (hyperopic defocus). As the child and eye grows there is an attempt of the eye to bring the hyperopic defocus onto the peripheral retina. This results in an increase in axial length which in turn increases the myopia.


There are now two methods we use to eliminate or minimize the hyperopic defocus to help with myopia control.

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Canadian Study Finds Children's Eyesight Worsening

1. Accelerated Orthokeratology

AOK is a method of reshaping the cornea of the eye without surgery. Oxygen permeable contact lens are worn during sleep which flattens the cornea and reduces myopia (nearsightedness). These lenses are extremely comfortable and safe.

Orthokeratology is currently the most effective method for myopia control.
  • Extremely well tolerated by children.

  • Provides great vision during the day without any need of glasses or contact lenses.

  • Myopia control rates are very high with most patients obtaining from 80 to 100% control.


With the advances in AOK lens designs and computer assisted lathe production, we are able to reduce the myopia significantly in a matter of days. Within 7 days most patients achieve 20/20 vision without the use of any glasses or contact lenses during the day. Orthokeratology has been shown to control myopia and prevent further progression. The technique is extremely effective and well tolerated by children.

AOK technology is for you if:

  • You want myopia control.

  • You do water sports.

  • Dry eyes prevent you from wearing daily contact lenses.

  • You cannot have laser refractive surgery.

  • Your prescription is still changing.

  • You want to have a reversible corrective procedure.

Recent studies have shown that AOK controls the increase in the eye’s axial length (the greater the axial length, the higher the myopia) in children. This translates to lower prescriptions once the eye reaches adult maturity.


2. MyoVision

This technology was launched in Dec 2010 by Zeiss Canada, designed specifically for children's anatomy and lifestyle. This is the world’s first single vision spectacle lens design which uses the Peripheral Vision Management Technology (PVMT).  PVMT minimizes peripheral hyperopic defocus to slow down axial lengthening which results in myopia control.

The lens is well tolerated by children with almost no adaptation required. With MyoVision, myopia control rates of 30% are possible.


Contact us to learn more about this exciting technology.  Our office is currently the leading dispensers of this treatment in Canada. 


3. Atropine Drops

Low concentration Atropine has recently been found to help slow down the rate of myopia progression. Because of the lower concentration, side effects are lesser than that of full concentration Atropine.

Our optometrists can work with you and your child to determine the concentration of Atropine that will give optimal myopia control and minimal side effects. Lower concentrations of Atropine are not available at a regular pharmacy, but a compounding pharmacy will be able to get the appropriate concentration for your child. 


4. MiSight (Specialty Contact Lenses)

MiSight 1 day is the first soft contact lens that can be used for myopia control in children. As a soft contact lens, they are both easy to fit and wear! 

Through the ActivControl Technology, these lenses can slow axial lengthening, leading to a reduction in myopia progression. 



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